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Friday, February 11, 2011

Salacious Moans and Squeals In Boot Key Harbor, Marathon...


Evenings here in the harbor have recently tended to be eerily quiet and tranquil. There have even been some nights when there was but a whisper of a breeze and hardly a ripple could be detected on the surface of the water. It would be on such nights when every distant sound was exponentially magnified as it traveled from one end of the harbor to the other.

Most nights are so clear that it is not uncommon to gaze up at the heavens and see a satellite silently streaking across the dark sky among the millions of distant stars. It was nevertheless on such a night the other evening when the serenity of it all was suddenly dispelled in but an instant.

For you see, it was around two in the morning or so when I happened to be awakened out of a fitful sleep to the murmurings of salacious moanings from across the harbor. My initial reaction was one of titillating amusement followed by a slight chuckle and the thought of, "You get it on girl".

It wasn't long before the salacious moanings then gradually escalated into a long continuous high-pitched squeal of sexual delight which in turn was later amplified into screams of uncontained sexual ecstasy.

That whole scene seemed to play out for a good half hour or so. Admittedly it was initially somewhat titillating at first but it later felt intrusive, then monotonous, then tiresome, then inconsiderate and lastly, downright distasteful.

To top it off this same scene repeated itself in its entirety once again around four in the morning... only this time there was nothing amusing about the situation from the get go. Eventually someone onboard another boat could be heard calling out across the harbor, "SHUT UP!!".

I too was tempted to call out as well and shout, "Yeah, Shut Up Dear!! We all know that it wasn't all that great because I'm way over here!!"... but I thought better of it and nestled myself back inside the comfort of the v-berth if only for a few hours of sleep.

Somehow Boot Key Harbor had a soiled feeling about it when I awoke at daybreak to brew myself a pot of coffee.

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