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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Miami Herald Sports Pages Gone Missing...

Living aboard a sailboat by oneself can most certainly lead to somewhat of a solitary existence, so for better or worse I often find myself frequenting a local tavern here in the Grove. The cold beverages, flat screen TVs and camaraderie with fellow bar-flies have a way lifting up my spirits.

Nevertheless after a few cold ones the other day, I felt compelled to make use of the men's room. Conspicuously missing from above the urinals were the usual Miami Herald sports pages boasting of the Miami Heat's latest basketball successes.

The fact that my Dallas Mavericks had KO'd the Heat the previous evening might have had something to do with the missing sports pages...

Me... sipping on a cold beverage after indulging in a bit of dockside bar graffitti. Gilbert's Dockside Bar & Grill, Key Largo.

(Awright MAVS!!! NBA Champions!!! ... Dwayne and his little buddy Lebron along with the rest of the Heat got PUNKED!! I say PUNKED baby!! Go Mavs!!)