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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hey Dude! You need to cook something!!

Dude... put down that large bag of chips and super-sized carbonated soda and listen to me. There is real food out there anxiously awaiting for you to get off your rear end and cook. It's not hard... check out Foodwishes on youtube as well as on for some easy cooking instructions. You can do this.

Chef John is an entertaining fellow with some five hundred cooking videos each lasting no more than six minutes or so. Surely, you've got an attention span that can last at least that long. (and for all you old timers out there, please save the "and don't call me Shirley" commentary)

Featured in the photo above is "Shortcut Green Enchiladas". It was every bit as good as it looks in the photograph. It was super easy to make and is one of those microwaveable friendly dishes... perfect for heating up for breakfast the next morning.

So check this chef out. He's a pretty cool guy.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hey Michael! I invented the moonwalk before you had ever even thought about it!

I got a beef with Michael Jackson and it burns my a** every time I happen to come across a music video of Michael strutting about doing the moonwalk while claiming to have invented that whole dance routine.

The photo above clearly shows me as a toddler breaking out with the moonwalk way before Michael had even been born... let alone having even thought about it.

This photo even predates Astronaut Neil Armstrong ever first having stepped foot on the moon and was well before Michael suddenly croaked and passed away of food poisoning after eating a ten year old wiener...

Somehow I gotta believe that I've got some sizable royalties coming my way.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

A brief moment at the Love Field Airport Terminal, Dallas, Texas...

A few weeks ago I found myself at the Love Field terminal seating area waiting for my flight to be called for my eventual trip back to Tampa. While mindlessly gazing out the glass windows onto the rainswept tarmac, another traveller seated herself alongside of me.

What initially got my attention was that for whatever compelling reason she didn't sit straight up in her chair but rather sideways facing towards me. She had one of those self-righteous matronly looks about herself. It was also readily obvious that she could stand to lose a good fifty pounds or so as well.

Well I'm suddenly having one of those WTF moments wondering what is up with this lady when she ever so slowly pulls out a recently purchased book out of its plastic shopping bag.

She's now thumbing through that thick book all the while flashing its cover in my direction. I immediately recognize the title of that book for it had only been released for publication just days earlier and had been heavily advertised throughout the airport terminal.

Being flashed before me is the cover of former President George Dubya Bush's memoir, "Decision Points". Not only is the large, matronly looking woman flashing the cover of that book in my direction, but she persist in making eye contact.

By now my stomach is beginning to turn from having to look at that cover and I'm now seeking out another seat elsewhere in the seating area. I do spot another seat and I proceed to gather up my belongings and head off in that direction but not before intoning, "Disdain and Contempt, Disdain and Contempt" to no one in particular.

Well that fellow traveller now has a surprised look upon her face as I'm heading off elsewhere. It was evident that she had been doing her best to elicit a reaction out of me and she certainly got one. I'm quite certain that it wasn't the one that she wanted to hear but she did indeed get a reaction out of me.

Mr. President... no amount of revisionist history will ever change the prevailing sentiment of disdain and contempt for your presidency. Now go away.

Day Eleven and I'm doing just fine thank you very much...

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Well whadda-ya-know... it's day eleven and I'm doing just fine thank you very much. It's day eleven as in the number of days since I last imbibed an alcoholic beverage. It feels good to wake up in the mornings feeling completely rested for a change.

It's not like I wouldn't like a cold beer now and then, its just that I have to come to terms with the reality that if I have even one beer then I'll want to follow that up with a couple of pitchers and a few tall ones out of a can. Not only that but it occurs to me that the one compelling reason why one drinks is not to forget but rather because one is simply bored out of their mind.

In any event this marina is full of numerous examples of why one should not drink in excess not that I should be talking.

For starters, there is the "tree of knowledge". Underneath that shade tree can be found an assortment of lawn chairs and ice coolers all loaded up with cold beer. The same usual suspects can be seen swapping stories of the goings-on here in the harbor while sipping on a few cold ones first thing every morning... and that scene goes on all day.

But heck, who am I to judge... I suppose I'm no different. I've simply done my drinking in the comfort of an air-conditioned tavern while watching sporting events on a flat-screen. Yet had I done my drinking under the "tree of knowledge", I then would have known some time ago about a fellow boater whose nude body was found floating in the harbor one morning.

One thing that I've discovered while living aboard my boat while tied up to a mooring here in the harbor is that there is very little actual discussion about sailing. It seems as if the concept of sailing is but an afterthought. Being tied up to a ball here in the harbor has a trailer park feel to it with the only difference being that one is on the water.

In other news, the crud that I had contracted on Thanksgiving Day is now a thing of the past. That crud along with its lingering effects lasted a good nine days. It feels good to be finally over the incessant fevers and to make matters even better the cold snap that found its way down to the Keys has finally relented.

In any event, I got stir-crazy yesterday and got out and did something that I'd been wanting to do for some time now. I drove on over to the north end of the Seven Mile Bridge, parked the car, and hiked the old Flagler Railway Bridge to Pigeon Key and back.

This old bridge was once part of a railway that ran all the way down to Key West and the bridge has since been made pedestrian friendly. I hiked a total of 4.4 miles in some eighty minutes with a number of stops along the way. I kept hoping to spot a spiny-tail lobster down in the shallow waters but I didn't see any.

It felt good to get out and breath in some fresh air while gazing out upon the open blue waters.