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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Keeping It Real with the Housekeeping aboard the Boat...

There was a time when I would make it a point to keep my boat looking all spiffy... now I can't be bothered and hardly give a rat's ass whether it looks all tidied-up or not. That is of course if I ain'ts expecting any company.

I do nevertheless still a have a few standards and do wash my dirty pots and pans on occasion. I've yet to see any rodents or cucarachas scurrying around so I suppose it ain't all that bad... not yet anyways.

What can I say other than I'm just keeping it real...

Thursday, December 22, 2011

An Almost Depleted Pantry Box Aboard S/V Blondie-Dog...

Me thinks dat my lady-friend up on Marco Island has me all figureds out. I does believe dis to be true cause all she's gots ta do is mention dat she boughts sum cold beer and dat she be doing some home cooking to git my immediate attention.

So yep, I then be foolish enuf to drops whatevers I be doing and lick-ity split haul ass on up the Keys on up overs to her house for a few hot meals and cold beers.

Yes indeedy... she's seen my depleted stock pile of canned goods haphazardly strewn about inside my tote box that serves as my boat's pantry.

She knows quites well that I is tired of eating the same ol' thing out of a can for days on end and just as soon not evers eats another can of Dinty Moore Stew, Hormel Chile wit Beans, or any more Chicken of the Sea cause it shor don't taste like any chi'ken dat she's ever cooked up.

I is evens tired of eating Ramen Noodles wit Tobasco Sauce fer breakfast every morning. Incidentally sumbody once tolds me dat eating noodles wit Tobasco Sauce can help one git overs a bad hang-over in de morning.

But I seriously doubts dis to be true cause I ain't ever telled any difference if ya really wanna know da truth. I eat da noodles cause I ain't gots any bacon and eggs laying around inside my tote box.

One of these days I is going to gits me rear-end off of dis here boat and buys me a refrigerator at the local Goodwill Store and loads it up wit some fresh cheese, cold milk, mayonnaise, salami, potato salad, ripe tomatoes, fresh eggs, and anything else I mights think of.

Anyways I's gots ta go folks... I's got to fix me sum dinner fer tonight. Me thinks that I'll heat me up some Spam ham in der skillet along wit a few packets of apricot jelly that I swiped de other day at a nearby Denny's.

I'll be sure to splash a little soy sauce on it too and serve it up wit some stale crackers dat I's got somewheres smushed between da cans inside my pantry box.

And of course if ye might perhaps be from Texas, then yor shor to know that "La Quinta" when translated into English means "Next to Denny's"... har, har, har...

Collard Greens, tuna, sauteed onion, and other stuff... (it was edible... yet again, I was hungry.)

Pretty good eating all things considered...

Me seeing double after indulging in a few brewskies...