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Monday, February 6, 2012

I Hear Voices Calling Me...

Dadgummit! I knows dat it ain't my imagination that be running wild but der are times when I do swear to hearing voices a talking to me when I least expects it.

Invariably I hear da voices late at night when I be by me-self aboard my boat wit nuttin' to do but piddle around and gaze up at da distant stars.

It usually be the same soft, soothin' voice tellin' me that there be a whole world out der awaiting for me and dat it be high time that I give up da ghost of any more sailing adventures.

It also be da same voice a telling me dat companionship is da key to happiness and not sum remote, illylic, tropical island awaiting to be rediscovered.

In any case it could simply be dat I just mights have a bad case of island-fever and that hiking da Appalachian Trail just might be da cure for whatever it is that be ailing me...