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Friday, April 27, 2012

Heaping a Boatload of Disdain and Contempt Upon the Grand Old Geezer Party...


Dat right folks... I be in a foul mood and I dont's feels like a talking about anything sailing related... fer number one I be but a barstool sailor and four cause I ain'ts been sailing in a while and two cause I be a sipping a few of dem cold, cheap beers and three cause ... uh, ooops, I's alreadys forgots...

But no matter whats, I just be in de mood to spout off a few hot political sports opinions just fer de heck of it. And nope... I don'ts give a rat's ass whatsoevers whedders or not I piss off any of ya'll disgruntled old fuddie-duddies.

So yep, I do thinks that all ya'all FOX viewing befuddled, fuddie-duddie cruisers, do needs to be enlightened a tads abouts all dem self-aggrandizing rightwing zealots proclaiming demselves to be smarters than all the rest of us common folks.

So wid-out further ado, let me starts off with none other than the heart and soul of the Grand Old Geezer Party, Rush Limbaugh his-selfs!

Yep dat be Rush Limbaugh... unequivocally the heart and soul of the Republican Party and undoubtedly the most pompous, bombastic, lardass in America. Dat right folks, I dids say the most POMPOUS, BOMBASTIC, LARDASS, in these fine states of good ol' USA.

And der ain'ts no needs for me to elaborate on this Big, Bag of Empty Nothin' fer ya'll cants helps but turn on the radio without hearing this buffoon endlessly running his mouth off while spewing crap to the gullible masses.

And yes-sir-ree, this here be the one that only yesterday proclaimed that any and all future tax dollars be spent on colonizing the moon of all places... fer real folks, this twerp with a Napoleonic complex evens wants to make da moon the 51st state of deez fine United States. Imagine dat... this noxious bag of hot air will say anything to gets his-self elected.

So folks, bewares of whatever crap comes out of this bloated, pontificating twerp fer if ya don'ts then you might find yourselves endlessly gagging while at the helm.

Mugshots of shoe-tappi​ng Senator Larry Craig...

Hey all you young fellers! Don't believes a word about da Grand Old Geezer Party proclaiming itself to be the party of family values! ... and pleez do exercises a bit of caution when ya be using the men's room at your local airports... for ya never knows, Republican Senator Larry Craig just mights perhaps be lurking in a nearby bathroom stall and a trying to hook up wit ya.

Family Values... my ass.

Governor PRick Santorum...

Well nows... since when did this intellectual lightweight becomes the beacon of religious sanctimony?

And I's also be damned before I evers condone this prick beings elected President of the good ol' USA only to then have this dipsh*t nominate the Pope or sum fricking Cardinal as one of his cabinet members.

Nope... aint's ever goings to happen... besides, last time I's checked, the Catholic Church wasn'ts but little mores than a safe haven for sexual pedoph*les. Dat right all ye'all dipsh*ts protesting in fronts of Planned Parenthoods... ya'll heards me right.

So PRick Sainttorum... JFK's speech about the separation of church and state still make you "want to puke" huh? Well sir, yor santimonious pontifications just ain'ts resonating wid us common folks... so kindly goes away and dont bother us anymores wid any mores of yor moralistic bullsh*t .

Yep, dis here be yet another bloated, full-of-sh*t, FOX Fabrication News Network anchorman.

Who was it that once stated that Fascism is when the military and religious institutions unite, or words to that effect?

In any events, I be heaping a boatload of disdain and contempt on dis here piece o' crap.

Beware gals and boys!! Dis here be yet another angry demented Republican wingnut. She be but yet another FOX Fabrication News Network personality and be as vile as they comes.

So folks!... ya'll needs to stays clear of whatever vile venomous rhetoric comings out of dis demonic, scrawny chics pie-hole!

Demented religious zealot... Beware of this delusional nutcase!

Well heck folks, it wasn't long ago that this POS was thought of as a viable presidential candidate for the Republican Party. Dude... do you really want to be politically affiliated with this demented religious character? C'Mon dude! You be smarter dan dat!

Oh lordy-lordy.... Caribou-Ba​rbie is stills cashing in as a political celebrity and "You Betcha"!...​she be still as stupid as she looks. (Yo... Senator John McCain... for real??? Dis be your idea of a worthy running mate?)

Dat right feller cruisers! Mitt Romney be but one of the the regular guys and also be liking NASCAR... in fact, he's even saids dat he got friends who evens own NASCAR cars.

Dude... trust me when I tells ya, this priveledged politician, born wid a real pony in his back yard, ain't gonna hire your sorry ass. Well heck, he probly fired yor' dad comes to think abouts it.

And remember fellers dat dis here dude wearing da tight fitting designer jeans, do believes dat corporations be people too!

Yet another schrill, evangelical, Republican nutcase... Yep , dat be but yet another rabid evangelical wingnut from Minnesota of all places.... ya ain'ts relevant dear... you can go away now.

Oh my o' my... evens FOX News tired of the stupidities coming out of dis guy's mouth and decideds dat he be but a silly, empty-headed moron scribbling but bullsh*t on a chalkboard.

Hmmm.... lemme see here nows fer a moment.... Whats we nows gots here is but yor typical, evangilical-creationist geezer along wit a johnny-come-lately junior Senator from Miami.

Yep, dat be Senator Geezer from Missouri and Empty Suit Marco Rubio from Miami...

Yeah gals... Marco be da same priviledged cubano-come mierda, telling ya'll dat an aspirin pill makes fer an effective contraceptive...

Vallase pa' carajo jodio cubano pendejo.... ni piensas ni por un momento que la comunidad hispana lo apoyara.

Yo Cheney!! How much did dat heart transplant cost ya?? And whiles on topic, do da worlds a big favors and do go kindly has yorself a fatal heart attack... ain't nobody gonna miss yor sorry ass... and I be a mighty fine patriotic American I have you know.

Yep, dis here be da one dat orchestrated de gratuitous flag waving and needless war in Iraq... and der ain'ts nottin' like a bullsh*t war to enrich da likes of Halliburton shareholders.

President Dubya Bush... manipulate​d beyond all comprehens​ion by the likes of Cheney and Karl Rove and henceforth to be forever reviled as President Dumbass.

So der you has it folks! ... a boat load of my unsolicited political commentary!

BTW... I's also saw me a bumper sticker de other day dat mades me chuckle! ... "OMG,GOP,WTF"... Yep, dat sticker do sum up my sentiments about the Grand Ol' Geezer Party.