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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Back On The Grid Again and Workin' Fer a Livin'...

It do indeed feel a mighty good to be back on the grid agin' and no longer livin' aboard my dern boat. And although Blondie be a mighty fine little sailboat, she still be but a boat when it all be said 'n done.

And to that I'll add dat it also feel a mighty good to be gainfully employed fer a change and earning me sum real mula once agin'.

For ya see, it do a person's esteem a mighty good to have a reason to git up in da morning and goes off somewheres to earn an honest days wages 'cause livin' aboard a boat jest ain'ts a worthwhile endeavor unless you be periodically sailing offs somewheres or ya at least haves a day job to avoids becoming but jest another vagrant-on-a-boat.

And don't any of ya'll feller sailers' evens' thinks fer even a single Puerto Rican-New Yorker minute bouts' lendin' yor ear to sum' idle barstool sailor a claiming dat he be "livin' da dream" while he be but perpetually at anchor in sum' isolated harbor among a bunch of overgrown mangroves.

'Cause dat be the same feller hidin' out and wit a sh*t streak of problems goin's all de ways back to Cuba and doin' his darndest to connive yet another unsuspectin' feller sailor out of his hard earned mula only's to den' git his'self in troubles wit da marina boss all overs agin'.

And ya certainly den' don't wanna unexpectedly find yorself a-slippin' and a-slidin' in dat feller's sh*t streak. So do yorself a favor and avoid gettin' involved in dat feller's marina squabbles at all cost cause if ya don'ts you den' run da risk of being guilty by association.

So yep, I do indeed now be most happy to be but another working stiff gittin' up early ev'ry mornin' and headin' off fer work but nots' befores I takes me a fine hot shower and shaves all of me whiskers off.

And I'lls also haves ya'll knows dat I also nows never forgits' to brush all my teeth wit toothpaste every mornin' jest in case ya might a been a wonderin'.

And of course it also feel a mighty good to put on a starched long-sleeve shirt along wit a fine nice pair of slacks and dress shoes to match. And nope, I ain't a missing wearing any of my ol' boater clothes one bit either 'cause all my cargo shorts either had a broke zipper or a hole in 'em sum'wheres or evens both.

Besides dat, I also gots tired of wearing nuttin' but Teva sandals every day along wit' da same 'ol black smelly t-shirts wit bleach stains on dem.

And lastly I be happy to tells ya'll dat I now be wearing sum' brandy-new boxer-brief undy-pants dat I boughts me de' other day at a Wal-Mart store and dat I also now done thrown away all my old undy-pants dat had multiple holes in dem.

And of course ya' should all knows wid'out me a havin' to tell ya'll dat all dem holes in me under-pants resulted from me periodically releasing a gas pressure buildup after feedin' my face a fully loaded jalapeno bean burrito.

Yep, dem bean burritos dat I'd often buy at da local Circle K while in Key West were good!


  1. Sounds like you are re-acclimating to terra firma quite well. I know a lot of people say that if something is not fun anymore, it's time to stop doing it and find something else that is. Good things to think about in that post.

    1. Hi Don, living aboard my boat had indeed stopped being fun. Nevertheless I did enjoy sailing the boat on the few occassions that I managed to do so.

      It was the living aboard part that may it feel as if I were confined to a jail cell or somesuch. I'd get up in the morning and the first thing that I'd want to do is dinghy a shore and get my rear-end off that boat.

      The irony of it all is that I'm actually looking forward to taking the boat out for a sail this weekend.

      The old adage of "be careful what you wish for, for ya just might get it" holds true for Cruising as well.