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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Garrison Bight Mooring Field and Getting Around Key West...

S/V Blondie-Dog presently finds herself tied off to a mooring ball in the Garrison Bight City Marina mooring field which happens to be situated out on the east side of Flemming Key and away from all the boating commotion that is to be found along the Key West Channel.

Unfortunately the mooring field is not located in the most convenient of locations for it's a long dinghy ride to and from the docks.

Nevertheless the mooring field facilities are more than adequate and include floating docks, showers, restrooms, a parking lot, secured access, water, shore power and even a laundromat... all at a somewhat reasonable monthly fee.

Getting around town is another matter... The Garrison Bight mooring facilities are located on the north edge of Key West and are somewhat beyond walking distance from all the night spots along Duval and the Key West Historic Seaport.

And I emphasize from as apart from to because I never seem to have a problem walking on over to the many night-spots, it's the walking back part that can be somewhat problematic if you get my drift.

But that my friend is a topic for another day... and if one might perhaps own a car then it's best that you park it and leave it parked and use it for little more than a locker when you go ashore.

Key West is but a mere five square miles from what I can remember and driving about town in one's car should be out of the question. Parking is decidedly limited and don't even think about parking anywhere without first paying a hefty parking fee.

That leaves but one viable option for getting about town without having to either drive a car or walk and that is to ride a bike.

Hence, when in Rome, do as the Romans. Buy a bike. Preferably a beat up, unattractive yet serviceable bike. Be sure to purchase a cable-lock as well. Unsecured bikes tend to roll away on their own free volition when no one is looking.

So yeah, buy a bike. Virtually everybody that ain't a tourist here in town either owns a scooter or a bike for getting about town.

Lastly be sure to purchase both the white and red legally required bike lights for riding at night because if you don't you can be heavily fined and subjected to arrest.

You might even find your sorry ass getting hauled-off to Fort Jefferson, some forty nautical miles due west and then find yourself incarcerated for months-on-end for having ridden a bike without proper lights at night.

So consider yourselves duly forewarned.

Better days with me seated on my motor scooter.
Las Croabas, Puerto Rico

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