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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

November 22nd... an infamous date in American history...

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November 22nd is fast approaching and that is one date out of the year that I always seem to find a moment to reflect upon... for it was on that date in American history that the highest of treason was committed.

Yeah... the President of the United States of America was murdered on the streets of downtown Dallas, Texas and for the longest time I grew up reviling the "image" of Lee Harvey Oswald toting a rifle in an old black and white photograph.

I still cringe at the sight of that photograph whenever I happen to set my gaze upon it and I can't think of a more reviled figure in American history other than possibly former VP Dick Cheney.

The odd thing about it is that I no longer believe that Oswald was anything other than a "patsy" as he himself proclaimed to be upon being paraded before the cameras. Not that I know what is completely factual or not, but I happen to believe that Lee Harvey Oswald was a diligent CIA agent simply doing what he was instructed to do and that was to unwittingly set himself up as the fall guy.

The photograph shown above has been demonstrated to be a fake with the use of modern sophisticated electronic imagery. The results clearly show Oswald's image to have been planted atop someone else's figure so as to characterize Oswald as a rabid wing-nut intent on murdering the President... an early example of "cut & paste". Take a moment and examine the size of the head in comparison to the body... does it look right to you?

Funny how the CIA just happened to have this photo-shopped image of "Lee Harvey Oswald" in their files ready to be released to the press just moments after the assassination.

Whether J.Edgar Hoover, who headed up the FBI at the time was the mastermind of the assassination is a matter of conjecture and speculation that may never be disclosed. Nevertheless I happen to believe that the motive behind the assassination was that Kennedy, upon taking office discovered "a covert, secret dirty little war" going on in South East Asia and wanted to put a stop to it immediately.

Kennedy attempted to do so by signing off on a secret presidential resolution declaring "that in times of undeclared war, all espionage activities would be conducted under the exclusive jurisdiction of the US Armed Forces", effectively castrating the CIA and incurring the wrath of that agency.

In any event I've got a sink full of dishes in the galley that need to be washed and I certainly don't want to burn away a Saturday afternoon blogging about the motives and cover up of the assassination.

I'll simply conclude by reiterating what I had posted on my placard at Dealy Plaza on the 40th anniversary of the assassination.

Blown Away...
By the CIA...
Cou d'tat in the USA...
Burn in Hell LBJ...
High Treason in America.

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