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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Freezing My Butt Off Inside a Floating Igloo...

Yeah... you heard me right. It's darn right cold inside the boat at this very moment. It feels as if I somehow inadvertently forgot to pay my electric bill on time and had my power cut off. I'm quite certain that an igloo wouldn't feel a whole lot different than this cabin which can best be described as both cold and confining.

I wish that I could tell you that we enjoyed some beautiful sunny, warm weather here in the Keys today. I'd like to tell you that I happened to hook up with some scantily clad babes and that together we spent most of the day laying out up on deck tanning ourselves while sipping on pina coladas. But no... that did not happen.

Nope... there were no scantily clad babes to be found frolicking up on deck. Neither was there any scented tanning oil to be lathered over well-toned female hard-bodies. Nor was there even so much as an occasional glimpse of a perky boobie. It was that kind of a crummy day.

Today was simply miserably cold. There was little to do other than surf the web and watch TV in the marina lounge. At least the gusting cold winds have now subsided somewhat.

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