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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Actual Cooking in the Galley for a Change...

I'll have you know that actual cooking does occasionally happen onboard my boat. Not always mind you but occasionally. As in earlier today for that matter.

On the menu was Pasta with Red Clam Sauce. Notice that I've gone ahead and described my fine cuisine as pasta simply because it sounds somewhat more enticing than describing it as spaghetti.

But never mind whether or not the pasta that I happened to cook up in the galley on my Coleman propane camping stove came out of a box labeled spaghetti. I happened to cook up some pasta and we can leave it at that.

Besides the word spaghetti can conjure up all kinds of negative emotional responses... at least in my case anyway. It is a word that subconsciously reminds me of the crap-ola dumped out of a Chef-Boy-R-Us can and zapped in a microwave. I'm also reminded of the many times a blob of gooey crud would be plopped down onto my school cafeteria lunch tray from way back in the day.

So yeah... I cooked up some pasta and not spaghetti.

In any event the Red Clam Sauce recipe is courtesy of Chef John on This is certainly a boater friendly recipe since none of the ingredients require refrigeration and I'll take it upon myself to remind one and all once again that there ain't no refrigeration to be found onboard my boat... that is unless a cold front were to move on through the Keys of course.

Most of the ingredients for this dish came out of a can which is fine with me... and if anyone might happen to have a passing interest on how to make this dish then a simple search on YouTube can readily lead you to Chef John's many entertaining cooking videos.

Lastly, not that anyone gives a rat's ass but breakfast for tomorrow morning will be leftover Pasta with Red Clam Sauce! Sure beats the hell out of another can of Hormel Chile with Beans.

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