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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Damned She's Hot!!

Oh goodness... Can't a fellow just sip on a cold beer and relax a while without having some exceedingly hot babe whisper salacious murmurings into his ear? I hear her all the time now and she's now even appearing in my dreams as well as on the labels of my beer cans.

Enough already... Stop with all the suggestive and enticing commentary. I've already told you on more than one occasion that yes, I will be setting sail soon enough to come see you wherever that might be whether it be in La Republica Dominicana or some other nearby Latin American country.

So let me sip on my beer and chill a while... I know that I've yet to get the boat squared away but I'm working on it. Just let me finish my beer dammit and I promise to jump right back on that project list that keeps getting longer and longer all the time... Okay sweetie?

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