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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sipping Coffee While Blissfully Unaware of Dragging Anchors...

I'm pretty certain that I'm but a day-sailor at heart and not a liveaboard cruiser because against my better judgement the other day, I elected to get off the boat and go ashore knowing full well that winds would later be gusting as a "weak northern" blew on through.

The allure of a tall cup of Starbuck's bold coffee and a leisurely morning of surfing the web was simply too much temptation to resist... and while blissfully sipping on my coffee and checking out the many exceedingly attractive female patrons strolling on past my table, S/V Blondie-Dog's anchors happened to lose their grip and started dragging.

So yeah... that was my boat clear across the anchorage in Sunset Cove aground off of Pelican Key. It was indeed a wet dinghy ride across the swells and I certainly was glad that there had been enough fuel in my tank to get me there.

I suppose that I was fortunate S/V Blondie-Dog wasn't hard aground. Soon thereafter my boat was being pulled off into deeper water with the assistance of another boat. I didn't even have to throw a line over... one of my dragging anchors was picked up and used to tow my boat.

Needless to say, I didn't get off the boat for the next two days until that supposedly "weak northern" and its thirty knot winds had finally blown on through.

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