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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

View of Dinner Key Harbor... Sept. '88

It almost seems as if I've subconsciously come full circle back to my old sailing days when my then wife and I once cruised aboard S/V BratCat.

Coconut Grove was pretty seedy back then with but few amenities offered to cruisers. Now the harbor counts on an extensive mooring field as well as a shuttle service to deliver one to and from one's boat out in the harbor.

My most vivid memory of the Grove back then was early one evening while waiting for the crosswalk sign to change. While waiting to cross the street, a fellow suddenly appeared from out of the shadows to ask, "Yo... do you want to buy some CRaccK CoCaine?"

It goes without saying that I politely declined the offer. That was indeed somewhat of an unsettling experience and a far cry from the orderly and structured lifestyle that I had grown accustomed to when previously living in a Dallas suburb.

Present day Coconut Grove in contrast is an absolute delight. There are quite a number of sidewalk cafes, upscale restaurants with linen table cloths, jewelry & fragrance shops and the usual bar & grills for guys like me. Milling about are many European tourist just taking in the sights.

The Grove has a Rodeo Drive feel to it but on a smaller scale. It kind of reminds me of the scene out of the movie Pretty Woman with all the fancy dress shops.

S/V Blondie-Dog is presently tied off to a mooring ball not much further out than shown in the photo above.

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