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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cruising On Down the Intercoastal ... Day Two.

Not that anyone gives a rat's ass but day two of my sailing excursion found me loitering the day away at Gilbert's Dock Side Bar on the southern end of Jewfish Creek.

So yeah... after sailing ten hours and after baking in the hot sun the previous day, I elected to crank up my outboard and motor on through Jewfish Creek the next morning and later drop a hook on the other side in Blackwater Sound. That short stint couldn't have lasted but an hour or so at the most.

Incidentally, if you might perchance ever happen to hear a "so-called sailor" pompously claiming to have "motor-sailed" from one destination to another, whether it be from Cuba or wherever, then please understand that what they really did was but turn on their diesel-engine and motor the entire way.

These "so-called sailors" are frauds and are decidedly worse than power-boaters... and if you should happen to be sailing in light winds, you will most assuredly recognize these frauds for they will be the first to swiftly motor on past, while their sails securely remain under wraps, and calling out, "Looks like you lost your wind there skipper"!

... to which you might you want to respond... "Put Your Sails Up P-Word"! ... But I digress...

Gilbert's Dockside Bar did indeed have quite a number of cold Heinekens in the cooler as I can well attest to and I can assure you that the Philly Cheese Steak sandwich was decidedly edible as well.

All in all, day two was okay but nothing memorable... as in there were no hot babes to be seen loitering about the bar that particular day.


  1. Alex, I've been reading your blog post by post and find it entertaining as well as educational. I can relate to so many things you mention and you are doing what I have wanted to do for years, but never seem to be able to make the leap.
    I'm looking forward to caching up to real time post and seeing how your adventure turns out.

  2. Hi Don, Thanks for your interest in reading my blog.

    Insofar as my blog being "educational" is however another matter. The last thing that I want to do bore the hell out of someone until their eyes glaze over. :)

    Thanks for reading... and be careful for what you wish for because you may just find yourself taking a big leap into deep water and wishing you'd done otherwise!