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Monday, July 25, 2011

"Paddle Harder!, I Hear Banjos Playing"! ...

Der ain'ts nothin' more reinvigorating than a good 'ol road trip and dats exactamundo whats me ands me lady-friend dids dis past week.

Yep... we's loadeds up de truck and headed off for dem der hills up in dee Blue Ridge Mountains up in North Carolina... also knowns as dee High Country to city folk.

And it shore was nice to gits me caboose off dat dern sailing boat downs in Miami and meets up wit sum real Americans fer a change.

We evens met ups wit sum nice neighbor fellers while strollin' dem woods ups in dee mountains. One neighbor feller was evens purty good at playin' dee banjo.

Yep... dats dem der Grandfather Mountain over yonder. Hes evens gots a full chin of whiskers too.

One of me new neighbor fellers even gots him a new auto-mobile... says he won it fair and square in a poker game and widout any cheating. But I happen to knows better, he gots himself a still out by de outhouse and he be making some mighty-fine moonshine and selling it all at a purty penny.

Dat dem der is da Blue Ridge Mountain Parkway Viaduct.... city folk tell us mountain men that it's been a described as a "Modern Marvel" on the History Channel... whatever dat mights be. But me and me feller mountain folk ain'ts got no use for it though... it's but an eyesore as far as we's is concerned.

Me also hads a good time tasting all dem fancy wines at some ol' fancy restorant. What dem rich folk don'ts know is that dat refurbished local use to be were me pappy and his pappy distilled sum of da finest moonshine in dem der hills.

Ders is evens lots of rich folks livin ups in da hills and sum of dem evens gots aereo-planes. Dees rich folk don'ts live in der houses year long howevers... only whens it gits hot down in de Low Country. But dats okay 'cause dat means me and me neighbor fellers can squat in dem rich folks houses most of de year and I's be da one drinking all dem cold beers im dat 'lectric cooler-box.

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