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Monday, September 5, 2011

Indulging in a Few Cold Ones after a Delightful Day of Sailing...

My sail from Gilbert's Dockside Tiki Hut on Blackwater Sound and later on through Tarpon Basin, Buttonwood Sound, Cotton Key Basin, Steamboat Channel, Lingnumvitue Basin and then on down to Channel Five was as my lady-friend often likes to say, "NBD"...

"NBD" as in "No Big Deal"... which when I come to think about it is but one of many acronyms that she likes to throw out at me in conversation, thus leaving me momentarily scraching my head. For now however I'll just set aside all those acronyms and let them be a topic for some other day.

In hindsight that day three sail was rather uneventful if I were to tell the truth. The weather was most delightful with bright blue skies and water to match. Even more importantly, winds were steady yet easy.

And you certainly won't ever hear me complaining of not having anything more than easy, steady winds because I for one like to sail by the motto, "No Strain, No Pain"... and if you ever hear of a cruiser boasting otherwise then please know that these kind are the first to drop the sails and crank up the motor at the first sign of unfavorable winds.

There were of course the usual power boaters zipping by not to mention the occassional sailing vessel rumbling on past, but all in all that half day sail was as easy as it gets.

Well the sun was already past the yardarm when I dropped a hook just south of Lower Matecumbe Key near Channel Five. I'd explain what a yardarm is but I'm not really sure that I know what one is without first going online and consulting Wikipedia.

But what I do happen to know is that whenever my lady-friend utters the comment, "The sun is past the yardarm", then it's okay to break out a cold brewski.

So off I went in the dinghy in search of that ultimate, ever-so-elusive, hedonistic dockside bar that I've still yet to find. I did eventually come across Caloosa Cove Marina and its air-conditioned dockside tiki-hut... a most inviting bar & grill with plenty of cold beer and an enthralling ocean view to die for.

However this discovery didn't happen but until after a false start when I unwittingly came upon a private marina, a fact that was immediately and emphatically pointed out to me by the on-duty dockmaster.

In but an instant I was turned away like an unwelcomed rodent and sent off in another direction after it was summarily explained to me that the marina was for the exclusive use of the Boy Scouts of America.

Dude... yeah you dockmaster. I can assure you that that private marina, reserved for the exclusive use of the BSOA, is the last place that I'd want to hang out at after a day of sailing.

Besides, I'm well aware of the tawdry news headlines that pop up from time to time insofar as your organization is concerned and the very last thing that I want to do is have my character impuned by even being remotely associated with it.

(Memo to Self: Next time consult your "Visual Cruising Guide to the Florida Keys" before going ashore.)

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