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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Just Chillin' While Taking in the Sights along Duval Street...


I happen to like a good bar scene just as much as the next guy and Key West is indeed the place to be if one just so happens to want to chill out and do a little people watching while sipping on a few cold ones.

And Willie-T's, an open-aired bar along Duval Street, is as good as it gets insofar as casual and relaxed watering-holes go. It is centrally located along Duval and also happens to feature live music. Not the ear-blasting kind of music but rather the "fun-in-the sun kind"... as in "I'll have another beer" kind that one can actually enjoy and relax to.

So it was the other afternoon after taking a seat at the bar and after ordering a cold draft beer that another young couple happened to seat themselves alongside of me soon thereafter.

It was readily obvious to me that they were both Brazilian for they were speaking in Portuguese as far as I could tell and if that didn't give them away, his yellow soccer jersey with "Brazil" prominently displayed up on the front certainly did.

She in turn was quite attractive as all Brazilian women tend to be and was needless to say, quite fashionably yet casually dressed while wearing a most enticing short, tight fitting skirt.

And later as she sipped on her colorful, mixed drink while caressing the back of her companion's neck and affectionately nibbling on his ear, she hiked up her skirt even further... purposely displaying her shear white panties for my viewing pleasure.

I gotta believe that that exceedingly attractive young Brazilian lady happened to enjoy putting on that enticing visual display as much as I did viewing.

And in case you might be wondering, we did indeed exchange a few appreciative smiles while she diverted her companion's attention with a few gentle kisses.

She knew what she was doing but I do indeed nevertheless thank her from the bottom of the inseam of my pants.

And I'm reminded of the colorful t-shirts and of their amusing statements that are on display throughout the many souvenir shops scattered throughout Key West.

The statement on one such t-shirt happens to read, "I've Got the P***y, So I Make the Rules".

Yep... I kinda like Key West.

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