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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy and Most Relieved to Have Survived Yet Another Day of Rapture...

October 21st was to have been yet another day of Rapture and needless to say I was most relieved that no such thing happened.

For you see my birthday also happened to fall on that date and I would have been quite upset had such a catastrophic event disrupted my evening of imbibing at my local watering hole.

And besides, I would have also most assuredly been condemned to eternal damnation and what-not, much to the delight of all the rabid religious zealots foaming at the mouth.

Nevertheless on the plus side had such an event occurred, it would have gotten my rear-end off of my boat.

So yeah, I'm tired of the so-called cruising lifestyle and of all its inconveniences and would rather live in a modest dwelling with running water, AC power, cable tv, and a refrigerator.

Throw is a shaded patio along with a hammock and a few loitering cats and I'll be a happy camper.

That doesn't mean that I don't enjoy sailing, it's just that sailing and cruising ain't one and the same.

Lastly before leaving.... Hey all you religious zealots... just so you know... if you get raptured, I'll be the one claiming all your stuff!

"Atheism is Enlightenment and We'll All Get Along With One Another Once We All Become Enlightened." (me).

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