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Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Blue Heaven, a Delightful Dining Venue in Key West...

Key West does indeed have a number of delightful restaurants as far as I can tell from afar for I'm on a cruising budget and can't claim to necessarily know this first hand.

Nevertheless my lady-friend from up on Marco Island did treat me to brunch early one morning at The Blue Heaven Restaurant... a quaint outdoor dining venue off the beaten path in Key West and best described as a charming setting for casual Island dining.

Well I certainly wasn't disappointed. The Bloody-Marys, as we waited for a table were the best and the food was even better. And watching the many resident chickens stroll about one's dining table was quite a hoot.

Occasionally a rooster could be seen giving chase to another if he happened to get too close to his hens. That's when all hell would break loose and chickens would suddenly start scampering all over the place while diners would casually take another bite of their breakfast omelet.

So if you happen to visit Key West, and cost is not too big of a concern, then you'll definitely want to seek this place out for a memorable dining experience.


  1. How did you go about finding Blondie-Dog? Did you just drive from TX to FL and started walking docks? Use Craigslist or other resources? Did you stay at hotels, car camp, stayed with friends? I've got to figure out how to do this.

  2. Well, the truth of the matter is that I didn't purposely "wander" off to Florida for the purpose of buying another boat.

    In fact, Florida wasn't even an initial destination. After selling the house, I loaded up the car and headed off for somewhere along the south coast of Texas.

    But after getting impatient with the slow traffic along I45, just north of Houston, I impulsively took a left turn off the interstate and kept driving.

    Insofar as purchasing a boat, I simply kept checking out Craigslist as a pretex for driving to somewhere and just happened to stumble upon a solid boat at a heavily discounted price.

    Don't know what expectations you might have as far as boat size, creature comforts, etc. but I'm more than ready to get my rear-end off my boat and move on with my life.

    In effect what I'm saying is that my boat can be purchased at the same heavily discounted price that I paid for it.

    fyi, boats along the west coast of Florida are more affordable than those in Miami-Dade.

  3. Won't hurt to think/talk about it. Can you PM me? saltfishstx at gmail dot com

    Or send me your e-mail.


  4. You mean you're gonna sell your boat!!!??? Have you done all there is to do?

    I already have a boat but she's in Texas though not ready to cruise yet but I'm working on it full time. I'd like to while away my days snorkeling at Sand Key Lighthouse or hunting for dolphin and lobsters. I don't think I would ever get tired of either.

  5. Yeah man... I is gonna either sell her or put her on the hard. I just ain't feeling the magic no more. I's decided that I be but a day-sailor at heart and not a cruiser and is tired of being but a vagrant on a boat.

    Me's gonna git me a real job and be a working-stiff agin... just like all dem other real folks out der.

    Besides dat me wants to go back home to Texas and hear me sum Willie on de radio.. Jimmy Buffet is starting to wear me out.

  6. I work at one of the few places where you can walk across the parking lot and hear Willie Nelson music playing and really is Willie not a recording.

    I got put ashore after hurricane Ike wiped out Galveston. My boat came thru ok but there was no place to leave her while I headed back to Dallas for my job. So, I sold her.

    Now I have another one and I'll take your place down there when get her fitted out.