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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Kitty, Kitty, Kitty... I Like Cats... They're Low Maintenance...

I for one do happen to like cats... for one 'cause they be low maintenance and two cause... hmmm... lemme think... I'm still thinking... Okay, I'll get back to ya'll when I think of sumptin'.

But my lady-friend on the other hand claims that she's "allergic" to cats and is always quick to proclaim that they sceave her out and that there isn't anything more vile than a cat litter box... and this is coming from a critical care nurse who has seen all kinds of foulness courtesy of the many bedridden patients that she's previously cared for.

In any event, I'm thinking that I may have missed an excellent opportunity to prank the heck out of my self-proclamed "allergic" lady-friend this past April Fool's Day while visiting.

I coulda, shoulda have purchased an inexpensive, plastic bassinet at the Dollar Store, filled it with some kitty litter, placed a pooper-scooper alongside of it and then set it all inside in the guest bathroom for her later to discover.

Yep, that surely would have set her off... then yet again, she might have taken it upon herself not to invite me back and that surely wouldn't have set well with me since I be but a barstool sailor and have tired of "camping on a boat" and prefer to take advantage of every opportunity to get my butt off the boat.

By the way, the orange tabby shown above is one of many six-towed putty-cats living a life of leisure at the Hemingway House here in Key West.

I gotta believe that there is a distinct possibility that the putty-cat shown above and reportedly previously owned by former baseball player Barry Bonds, had to be confined to an enclosure at the Naples Zoo after ingesting copious amounts of growth-hormones over the years.

Hey, if you got a better explanation of how this little kitty got to be so big, then feel free to let me know...


Yet but another cat in Key West... this one happens to spend all of his time loitering about at the Blue Heaven Restaurant in Key West.

The iconic CAT MAN and one of a number of his acrobatic cats performing at Mallory Square, Key West.

CAT MAN claims that his cats were all born on nearby Stock Island alongside a trash dumpster and that their mothers were all invariably crack addicts roaming the streets late at night while engaging in the world's oldest profession.

I'll take his word for it...

Hmmm... I can't believe that my lady-friend found this image to be outrageously amusing. I'm thinking that somebody ought to report her sorry rear-end to the SPCA and have them set her straight.

Well heck, I think that I'll just take it upon myself to throw her sorry butt under the bus when she least expects it. I might even insist that the SPCA assign her to poop-scooping duties on some weekend and dat be dat.

"When a man loves cats, I am his friend and comrade without further introduction" - Mark Twain


  1. I LOVE the Cat Man. If I hadn't seen it, I would never believe you could get a cat to do all that. You have made me nostalgic for Key West - what a great town.

    1. Oh yeah... The Cat Man, an interesting character for sure with quite an amusing show. I also happened to catch his cat performance on more than just a few occasions.

      I always seemed to get a chuckle hearing him announce to the crowds, "Oh what a beast"!

      It was either that or telling a volunteer to "Hurry Up... take your time, hurry up, take your time."