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Monday, May 28, 2012

Missing Out on a Little Inclement Weather in the Garrison Bight Mooring Field...

It appears that I may have missed out on a bit of inclement weather a few weeks back which may have been a good thing now that I come to think about it.

For you see, I had wanted to set sail on out of Key West a good two weeks before actually doing so but this was before I actually did something sensible for a change like search the web for a ten day weather forecast to make sure that I wouldn't get my ass kicked by some nasty weather.

And upon noting that a "low pressure system", (or was it a high?), would be stalling over the Keys for days on end and bringing along copious amounts of rain and strong winds, I quickly elected to batten down the hatches, load up my crapped-out yet still serviceable car, and drive the hell on out of there for a few days of R&R at my lady friend's house up on Marco Island.

Well sure enough, that weather system did indeed inflict some crappy weather throughout the Keys for days on end not that I know of this first hand since I happened to be monitoring the weather from afar with a tv clicker in one hand and a cold beer in another.

Nevertheless upon my return a good ten days or so later, I was informed of what surely had to have been gale force winds sweeping on through that Bight.

Also described were two unoccupied houseboats that had broken loose from their moorings and of how they almost collided with a number of boats throughout the mooring field as they attempted to make their way on out to open seas.

Well the first houseboat later reportedly went aground off of the military installation on Fleming Key where the US Navy Seals happen to do their training and the second houseboat was fortuitously secured by fellow boaters to an unoccupied mooring ball with an orange tag affixed to it.

And of course all boaters know that a tagged ball is to advise one and all that it is defective and that one shouldn't even think about tying one's boat on up to it.

Nevertheless it seems to me that that particular ball wasn't sufficiently defective enough to not hold an errant houseboat in place as strong, insessant winds swept on through that bight. Go figure.

In any event it goes without saying that I was once again only too happy to miss out on any inclement weather blowing on through the Key West Garrison Bight Mooring Field for I be but a daysailor at heart and not a cruiser.

Incidentally my undisclosed sources tell me that the US Navy got itself into a big tizzy when that houseboat ran aground off of Fleming Key. Evidently the naval officers on duty that day ordered a full alert as a precaution against any further incursions upon that military installation.

My undisclosed sources also tell me that a plane load of US Navy Seals could be seen but moments later parachuting out of the sky in all kinds of crappy weather to provide additional security for that base.

And if that wasn't enough the USS Spruance was also reportedly ordered on full alert as well which certainly seems in hindsight to have been a bit excessive in my humble opinion.

Now whether or not my highly confidential sources had their facts straight is a matter of conjecture but I for one am inclined to believe it all for there is one heck of a military presence here in Key West all tripping over one another to enforce every conceivable rule in their procedures manual whether it be real or imagined.

And it wouldn't surprise me in the least if every movement one makes while aboard one's boat here in Key West is thoroughly monitored and documented and subsequently reported to the Pentagon.

How else can one explain the sudden appearance of Homeland Security military personnel just days later explicitly seeking my boat out among the many others in the mooring field to inquire about my boat registration and personal identity.

And for the record, a subsequent boarding of my boat by Homeland Security miserably failed in finding any illegal Cuban refugees aboard or of finding any hidden bales of weed for that matter.

And while on topic, not that anybody gives a rat's ass, I do happen to believe that US policy towards Cuba is all bullsh*t and is meant to appease the cubano come mierda community in Miami for fear of losing a few electoral votes.

It also seems to me that it is a policy that has effectively destituted an entire country and inadvertently made that country into but another "Thailand" if you get my drift not that I happen to know of this first hand.

And nope... I'll be damned if I ever set sail for Cuba with that intent in mind whether or not it ever does become legal to set sail on over there. There are just some things that will forever remain morally reprehensible in any culture whether or not they are condoned by a segment of an economically destitute society.

I've said enough.

And if you ever happen to move aboard a houseboat be sure that your dock lines are securely fastened not that you need my sorry ass to tell you any of this.

Yep, that may indeed be none other than Navy Seal Team Six parachuting out of the sky and conducting a training mission in preparation of eradicating yet another cultural rodent.

USS Spruance, Key West Florida

Navy Seal training facility on the north end of Flemming Key complete with a dive tower for training excercises.

Me trying on for size some surplus Navy Seal dive gear...

Adios MOFOS, to quote a certain governor from the fine state of Texas...

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