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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Off da Boat and Happy to be Eatin' Sum Real Food fer a Change...

Yep... It do indeed make me most happy to finally be off da boat and eatin' me sum real food fer a change.

And I ain't lying whats-so-evers when I tells ya'll dat I do hopes to never agin have ta eats anymore crap out of a tin can dat mights have been a rollin' about inside my tote box fer months on end.

Dang right folks... Ya'll heards me right... I ain'ts ever a wanting to eats me another tin of Vienna Sausages, or Spam Ham, or Dinty Moore Stew, or even any more Hormel Chile wit Beans. And I's also ain't evers a wantin' to eat any more macarroni and cheese dat I'd routinely buy me at da Dollar Store.

Nope... from here on out I be scarfin' down sum mighty fine Prime Rib and corn-on-da-cob right off a hot grill courtesy of my Marco Island Lady-Friend. And I also don'ts care one bit whethers or not my lady-friend objects to any of my table manners 'cause I eats like I feels like it whether I be but a vagrant on a boat or not.

And one last thing feller sailors... I ain't evers gonna drink me any more warm beer either... dat is of course if I don'ts run outs of any cold ones inside da 'fridge.

Yeah man! I now be a mighty fine cook and be cooking me sum mighty fine Creole cuisine in a real kitchen wit decent pots and pans.

And dude, if ya do know how to read, den jest do what de recipe tell ya to do. Otherwise do like I do and watch Chef John explain how it be done on one of his many instructive videos.

And nope, ya won't ever see me cookin' up this concoction evers agin'...

Yep... and also made me a fine upside down pineapple cake too jest 'cause I felts like it. I did neverthess use up a tin of Dole pineapple chunks rather than cuttin' up a real pineapple. But nobody better be a squealin' on me and a tellin' Chef John daggomit.

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