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Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Milestone of Sorts...

Well, well, well... whadaya know... my fully depreciated yet still serviceable car happened to hit a milestone of sorts 'de other day.

And nope... dat odometer ain't been tinkered wit whatsoevers and indeed dat odometer be reading a grand total of 250,000 miles!

And for those of you who ain't all dat smartz, I'll have ya know dat 250,000 miles be da same as a quarter of a million miles! And if ya don't believes me, den ya 'shor ain'ts smarter than a fifth-grader and I would advise ya to go back to skool and learns sumptin'.

In any event, my fully depreciated yet still serviceable '99 Chevrolet Lumina is still a puttin' out a mighty fine if ya mights know what I mean. And though she ain't evers been a chick magnet and mights best be described as a "slump buster" not dat I 'spects ya to know what I means... and though she do gots herself a scrape or two, she still runs a purty good and gits me off to wherevers I wants to go.

And now dat I be back on da grid and no longer livin' aboard a boat, I ain't gots no reason to use my car as a locker no more whiles I be ashore. For ya see, living aboard a boat can be a hassle of sorts when yor' boat be a good ways away from shore and ya needs 'sum place to store yor clothes and sh*t whedders  or not they be in dire need of 'sum detergent.

But besides my car serving as a convenient locker, it also made fer a cozy spot to jest turns on 'da radio and chill awhiles and evens takes me a nap in da middle of da day after feeding my face a can of Hormel Chile from straight out of 'da can.

And I'll also fess up dat on at least a couple of occasions after a night on 'da town whiles at anchor in Key West and afters indulging in a pitcher or two of inexpensive beer, dat I'd elect to lay out in da car and sleep for what was left of da night rather than attempt to dinghy on out to 'da boat in gale force winds and cold, choppy waters.

(C'mon man... evens I gots better sense 'dan dat.)

Yet havin' said all dat, my Lumina is still gonna have to keeps puttin' out fer a whiles longer 'cause it jest ain'ts in my budget to go on out and buys me a new set of wheels.

But I'll also have ya'll know dat my car now gots' herself a set of four new tires, a front-end alignment, a brandy-new windshield, and new set of brake pads along wit new Florida plates.

I is evens bonafide now and now also gots me sum liability insurance to boot too.

Yep... I do now thinks dat my car jest might be good 'fer another 250,000 miles.

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