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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Visiting the Kennedy Space Center...

My Lady-friend happened to celebrate a birthday the other day yet with her insisting that I not purchase a gift of any sort for her, I was left in somewhat of a quandry wondering just what to get her for her birthday.

Especially since this particular birthday happened to include a number with absolutely no value attached at the end of it thus making it memorable if for no other reason.

But that's when it dawned me that I need not scurry off to a mall to puchase an un-wanted, superfluous, overpriced gift.

Instead I happened to recall the advise of a surfing instructor as related by a radio personality while on vacation in Costa Rica.

That advise was simple yet succint. When on vacation, don't purchase trinkets and such but rather experiences.

For you see, one is soon sure to discard that trinket after but a short while but an experience, whether it be about hiking, sailing, or even taking surfing lessons is sure to last a lifetime.

And with the Kennedy Space Center being but a tank of gas away, tag... that was it, especially since neither of the two of us had ever visited the Center before.

Now I'll be the first to admit that there ain't a damned thing romantic about the Space Center but it was nevertheless as good of an excuse as any for a weekend roadtrip and a brief change of scenery.

And yes, that excursion on out to the Space Coast was indeed rather memorable and we were both glad to have paid homage to all those who dedicated their careers and lives in the pursuit of space exploration.

The Rocket Garden

Gemini Space Capsule

Saturn Five Rocket

And yep... dat indeed be me sticky fingers unsuccessfully attemptin' to swipe a moon rock dat be on display.

Readily visible from a viewing tower are channel markers on a nearby waterway.

It was subsequently explained to me that the Shuttle's solid rocket boosters were transported on barges to the Kennedy Space Center from the state of  Alabama and hence the purpose of having channel markers in what are non-navigable waters to the ordinary sailor..

This nine-ton biosphere resting on a pool of water can be readily moved around with but one hand.

This scaled down version of  the Shuttle was used for training purposes only. The real thing is even larger in size.


  1. Hey Sailor,

    So this is a bit random but since you are still hangin' in Florida I hope to hell that you are a registered voter there now? Please say yes! Florida needs all the "blue" help it can get :-) Hope you're well Blondie Dog...

    Nicole & Brian

    1. (Former Blondie Dog i.e. Sponge owners. duh. :-))

  2. Howdy der girlfriend... I is indeed a registered voter now and evens betters yet I done indeed voted earlier today.

    Yippers... my heart still be in Texas but I is now a bonafide Florida resident.

    But I'll also haves ya know dat I done voted earlier today fer my good buddy in da white house. Whats can I say other 'dan dat I got da hots fer da first lady but plez don't go a tellin' on me.

    Yippers... me do hopes dat that Mormon feller do kindly self- deport himself back to Utah when dis here 'lection be done wit 'cause if da truth be told, I don'ts likes any of dem republican mofos.

    Best wishes to you and Brian.

  3. HAHA Love it. So glad you are registered and voted in Florida, must be nice as a democrat to live in a state where your vote actually matters (unlike good ole' Texas!) Fingers crossed my friend! We live in NH and our votes actually matter this year too and might sway NH for Obama!