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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Oh Gasp! I'm Inadvertently becoming a Vegan...

For dinner earlier this evening, not that anyone gives a "Fiddler's Fart", as often expressed by acclaimed author Frank McCourt in his writings, were two small boiled red potatoes, along with steamed carrots, green beans, yellow squash, and a small plum tomato...

Drizzled atop of it all was some olive oil and my favorite... Kraft, Sun-Dried Tomato Vinagrette and all seasoned with some salt and freshly ground pepper in my mortar & pestle.

Somehow missing in the menu is meat... as in MEAT... as in I'm a carnivore and I need to eat meat and that is how my kind evolved and I haven't really eaten unless I've had a slab of medium-rare MEAT placed in front of me for a meal.

But it is too damned hot to be cooking meat onboard the boat... and there is no refrigeration onboard either for that matter. Besides, I'm still somewhat tentative about my temperamental alcohol stove. I can never really tell when she'll put out a nice intense and gratifying amount of heat or whether she'll flame out with total disinterest.

The scary part of it all is that I rather enjoyed my vegan dinner.

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