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Saturday, August 7, 2010

The next morning...

I've got banking issues... as in a depleted checking account, few dollars in my wallet, an almost empty gas tank and an extended list of things that I need to do before I can set sail...

For whatever reason, I've had a problem funding my checking account and I'm bothered by it all to say the least.

It's early in the morning and I'm seated at Marina's computer with printer problems. I've got the marina manager attempting to assist me print off a wire transfer form when suddenly I'm feeling the presence of someone hovering over my shoulder.

I look up and there before me is Jacobo, the emaciated sailor with his skin sagging down all over the place, now peering down at my screen and inquiring, "What are you doing?... are you busy?" After a moment of hesitation, I turn and look straight at him and in my most professional and dispassionate tone of voice inform him, "I am attempting to resolve a personal matter"... as in get the f*ck out of my face, go away, this does not concern you and don't ask any favors of me.

Jacobo does seem to take a hint but not before informing me, "I need for you to drive me to the liquor store..." before ambling off back to his boat. I then turn to the marina manager, and blurt out, "I am not his caretaker". Upon which the manager responds "I see that all the time, you need to nip that in the bud"... which I emphatically do.

No... there was no subsequent drive to the liquor store, or the hardware store or the grocery store... nor did I find the time to empty the rain water out of his damned dinghy and hell no was I going to kill a day hauling his scrawny ass off to the VA Hospital.

Not that anyone really cares, but dinner last night was a can Campbell's ham and bean soup along with two slices of bread.

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