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Monday, September 13, 2010

A fellow boater.. Jason aboard S/V Tarquin.

Two days after tying up at Rose Marco Island Marina, I met the owner of a wooden sailing vessel tied up alongside of my vessel.

It was early in the morning and he had returned from a sailboat delivery to discover his water hose fully extended and stretching across the cockpit of his vessel and onto my stern.

My slip did not have a water spigot and I had previously asked the marina personnel whether it would be okay to board his boat to connect his water hose to mine. I had been assured that it was okay and that the owner of the boat was not staying aboard and nor would he be back for awhile and not to worry.

Well the young man was looking at me kind of funny so I explained the situation and that I had asked permission to board his boat and whatnot. He responded, "It's all cool" and we proceeded to introduce ourselves.

It took some adjusting not to be judgmental about all the tattoos and piercings adorning his pale, slender body. He had cobweb tattoos on his elbows, a red swastika on the underside of his arm, a nude female on his leg, and who knows what else.

His earlobes and eyebrows had multiple piercings as well as his lower lip and it goes without saying that his nipples were each pierced as well. Dangling about his neck were some four of so medallions one of which seemed to resemble the demonic pentagram.

The funny thing about it all is that I somehow managed to look past all the piercings and tattoos in our future conversations and just simply enjoy conversing about navigation and sailing with him in general.

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