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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Local hangouts within walking distance.

One good thing about Rose Marco Island Marina was that it was somewhat within walking distance of a number of establishments.

Jack's Lookout is an opened aired structure just across the marina overlooking the water and close enough to pick up the marina's free unsecured WIFI signal. It was explained to me that the owner is originally from New England so consequently all the Patriot games get viewing priority. The place serves cold draft beer among other beverages.

The Sand Bar is another local establishment within walking distance. Nevertheless I couldn't get too excited about this place for whatever reason.

The Dolphin Tiki was a fun dockside bar but somehow I never got around to going back after my first evening ashore. I think that I resented the "Gut Bomb" burger and fries that I had ordered.

I ordered my burger medium but when it arrived it resembled a hockey puck. I don't care for ice hockey nor do I care for hockey-puck burgers either.

The burger seemed as if it had been on the grill since mid-day yet I was so famished after being out at sea for three days that I scarfed half of it down before I realized that the thing was stuck halfway down my throat because of how dry it was.

Porky's Last Stand on the other hand became my favorite place to cool my heels and quench my thirst. Porky's serves inexpensive draft beer by the pitcher, they have nice cold air-conditioning, a multitude of flat-screens for viewing the various sporting events , a no-smoking policy and best of all free food during happy hour.

I found myself loading my dinky Styrofoam plate up with succulent, juicy, bar-b-qued ribs again and again when no one was looking and chowing down as if I hadn't eaten in a month. The sliced pork sandwich along with baked beans and cole-slaw was to die for, it was that good.

You could say that I was indeed enjoying the local establishments and wasn't in any particular hurry to sail off anywhere just quite yet... especially after having befriended someone at a local tavern who kindly allowed me to watch TV at her house late nights and was only too gracious to let me dip my toes in her pool.

It's not quite yet tourist season so Marco Island still has a relaxed, quaint charm about it for now. I like this place.

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