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Friday, October 22, 2010

My new and improved profile for "Single Sailor's Seeking Soul Mate", Group Cruiser's Forum..

While perusing through the various topics and forums on web site, I came across a group forum inviting me to post a profile as well as a photogragh of myself on it.

The "Singles Sailors Seeking Soul Mates" group forum in question is described as "for those who have the dream, but not the mate". It goes on to further explain that the forum is for those who are "looking for a long term relationship, life partner, or a soul mate to share their sailing/boating adventures".

Well now... here's a forum that most definitely has gotten my attention. I not only have but one dream but I can readily admit to having several dreams throughout the week and am indeed most often without a mate.

Yeah... count me in. I'm definitely interested in having not just one "long term relationship" but many more. Long weekends can most certainly be thought of as being long enough for a long term relationship. I therefore gotta believe that I do meet the first requirement for posting a profile on this forum.

Insofar as the other requirement about seeking a "soul mate to share their sailing/boating adventures"... I certainly do indeed live aboard a sailboat where adventures can be made and as far as the soul mate part about it, I would most certainly welcome a soul-sista-mate aboard so long as she is super hot and doesn't go postal on me.

My profile is still a work in progress and it could perhaps use a little help... but here goes anyway:

I need to expand my social scene... I can be found more often than not at the local taverns till late in the evenings after doing nothing all day aboard my sailboat. I'll be the one downing a few pitchers of cheap beer and chatting it up with the other bar-flies while ogling the bartender's boobies as she leans over and pours yet another draft beer.

As far as my age is concerned, I'll tell you that I'm older than I look and am what is known throughout the various bars and taverns here in Marathon as a h*rny ol' f*rt but don't let that alarm you in any way.

I do however keep up with my appearance. I have now let my hair grow out somewhat and I keep it neatly braided all the time as you can well tell from my photogragh shown above. I'll also have you know that I do make it a point to wash my hair every other month whether it needs it not.

Although I may be on a boat, I am fastidious about brushing my teeth and I do happen to brush every other week. I know of a few boaters here in the harbor that don't even own a toothbrush and have a goofy looking grin to prove it too.

Please note that I am into re-cycling stuff onboard the boat as well and have no problem in reusing tissue paper... I hope this won't be an issue with you since all of us need to get onboard with the energy conservation program and I'll expect you to do the same when you're on my boat. Every little bit helps.

Now for the unpleasantries... I will on occassion inadvertently release a gas pressure buildup at the most inopportune moment while in a social setting but that is just but one little character flaw that I hope that you'll overlook.

Lastly, if you see me reaching down between my legs and scratching like crazy, it's because I've had a jock itch for the past six months or so that just won't quit. I can assure you that it's not contagious in anyway. Just don't worry and be happy.

So there you have it... my personal profile that I've submitted for the "Single Sailor's Seeking Soul Mate" forum.

I'll add that you need to hook up with me and that if you happen to already be in a relationship, then that's okay too... discretion is one of my better virtues.

You get bonus points if you happen to be sensible, attractive and can afford to pay for your own bar tab!

Hope to hear from ya soon!

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