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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hurricane Paula... A Big Bag of Nothing.

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Hurricane Paula was a non-event to say the least. She suddenly intensified into a compact hurricane somewhere off the Yucatan sometime last week but certainly didn't last long enough to make an impact here in the Keys.

A strong cold front met up with her as she approached Cuba and sheared her top off. She broke apart just as quickly as she had appeared... at least that was what I understood after listening to the weather channel reports.

Nevertheless two days before Paula was to have made her presence felt, we had what seemed to be a summer monsoon with driving rain blowing sideways. It was as intense of a rainfall as I've ever seen.

The heavy rainfall started late in the morning and continued on throughout the afternoon and into the evening. The skies did however clear up some just as the sun was beginning to set.

So with the lousy weather and all, I took the opportunity to do some actual boat maintenance for a change. I deflated my dinghy and carted it off to the marina project room and replaced the patch that I had previously applied. The pontoon with the patch wasn't quite retaining sufficient air pressure and I had tired of inflating the thing everytime I either wanted to row ashore or back to the boat.

The duct tape that I had placed over that patch didn't have much of an effect either so I had no choice but to remove both the patch and duct tape and start all over again.... and to think that I only thought that duct tape could fix anything. I'll just have to go online and fire off an email to 3M or whoever it is that makes duct tape and complain about their product.

My second patch has so far held up but I have still yet to uncross my fingers. We'll see what happens once I uncross my fingers. Wish me luck.

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