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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hey Dude! You need to cook something!!

Dude... put down that large bag of chips and super-sized carbonated soda and listen to me. There is real food out there anxiously awaiting for you to get off your rear end and cook. It's not hard... check out Foodwishes on youtube as well as on for some easy cooking instructions. You can do this.

Chef John is an entertaining fellow with some five hundred cooking videos each lasting no more than six minutes or so. Surely, you've got an attention span that can last at least that long. (and for all you old timers out there, please save the "and don't call me Shirley" commentary)

Featured in the photo above is "Shortcut Green Enchiladas". It was every bit as good as it looks in the photograph. It was super easy to make and is one of those microwaveable friendly dishes... perfect for heating up for breakfast the next morning.

So check this chef out. He's a pretty cool guy.


  1. That's definitely not Blondie-Dog's galley! -Nicole