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Thursday, December 30, 2010

An Inauspicious Attempt at Kayaking...

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I finally got around to giving my new kayak a trial run the other day after a cold front that had passed through the Keys finally relented. It happened to be on a sunny morning with a chilly yet gentle breeze blowing through the air when I figured it would be a nice day to initiate that dinky little boat.

Mind you that I'd never previously been on a kayak before yet I was most certainly looking forward to a nice, relaxing, excursion throughout the harbor. So after layering on some warm clothing and after donning a life-jacket I gingerly, or so I thought, lowered myself into my kayak. It was then at that moment that what I most feared happening suddenly happened.

Yeah... that was me going for an unplanned early morning swim off the stern of my boat. In but an instant I was bobbing in freezing, cold water. My warm clothing was now a thing of the past and was now weighing me down. It was a good thing that I had strapped on my life-vest because it was a bit of an effort to climb back onboard my boat.

Nevertheless after a change of clothes and after laying my wet clothing out to dry in the cockpit, I was once again lowering myself back down into the kayak only this time with a lot more caution.

I did eventually kayak about the harbor for an hour or so but I certainly didn't attempt any speed records for fear of going for another unplanned early morning swim.

When it was all said and done, I had a lower back strain from all that kayaking throughout the harbor to go along with my bruised pride. I haven't been kayaking since.

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