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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Overhauling and Bringing My Nissan Outboard Motor Back to Life...

I had a most joyous experience the other day when the outboard motor that I had recently purchased off of Craigslist finally came back from the dead and roared back to life again. One could even say that my experience was almost as joyous as that of a Pentecostal parishioner jumping up and down in an apocalyptic frenzy while speaking in tongues...

That motor had evidently been in a deep coma after sitting around neglected in somebody's garage for an extended period of time and was in dire need of a complete overhaul. All it took to awaken that thing was a bit of persistent, tender, loving care in all the right places to finally get it to respond and eagerly want to be put back to good use.

The tender, loving care involved disassembling, cleaning and finally lubricating all the moving parts in even the most sensitive of places to eventually persuade it to work like it was intended. There had nevertheless been a moment or two when I had wondered whether I'd even so much as make that thing sputter if only but for a brief moment but she did indeed eventually sputter and later screamed in ecstasy after moaning for a good while.

It's always an intense pleasure for me whenever I yank on the starter cord and that motor eagerly responds on command. It sure beats the hell out of rowing to and from shore everyday.

Two-Stroke outboard motors are pretty basic insofar motors are concerned but I now only know that in hindsight after getting a complete and thorough education from some of my fellow boaters here in the harbor... and I do indeed thank them all for their unselfish help.

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