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Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Conch Shell Routine in the Harbor every Evening...

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It has now become somewhat of an evening routine here in the harbor for a number of us boaters to climb up on deck of our respective boats and blow the hell out of our conch shells as the sun is setting.

The meaning of it all escapes me and perhaps it's just simply a collective way of saying goodbye to another day... or it could simply be an excuse to see how loud we can all blow those conch shells as it is in my case.

I'll also have to admit that there have been more than just a few occasions when I've half expected to see a love-sick whale surface out of the water while hoping to find a little romance.

Sorry dear, but it just ain't gonna work out for us. You happen to live in the water and I happen to live out of the water. I was just blowing the hell out of that shell for no particular reason. I certainly wasn't trying to impress you or any of your kind with a low moaning mating call of any sort.

I'm also sorry to say that there simply are no lofty words of wisdom or inspirational messages to be inferred with the blowing of all those conch shells as the sun sets every evening... at least not from my perspective. It's just another day coming to an end.

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