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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Getting about Miami on the Metro Rail and Bus System...

It was quite a delight getting around Miami and taking in the sights the other day while not having to drive about in any heavy traffic. There just seem to be too many cars everywhere throughout the city and traffic congestion can often be a mess.

Not only are there too many cars on the road but parking can be a hassle as well. Even finding a convenient parking spot can be problematic and does get expensive after a while.

Miami does nevertheless have an efficient public transportation system which I wholeheartedly advise one and all to make use of.

For instance it is just too easy to hop on the "Circular" bus route here in Coconut Grove for a mere quarter and then have ones' scrawny rear-end deposited at one of the near-by Metro Rail Stations.

From there one can then hop on the Metro Rail zipping high above the incessant vehicular traffic down below and enjoy a scenic view of the distant beaches while transiting to one's destination. Trains run every fifteen minutes during the week and all-day passes can be purchased at a nominal fee.

So yeah... I'm a fan of the Metro Rail here in Miami.

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