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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Enthusiastically Supporting my Mavs and doing very little in the way of Sailing...

Ordinarily the crystal clear blue waters of Biscayne Bay would entice any sailor to raise sails and go sailing at every turn but not in my case. Getting the boat squared away to go sailing feels like work and so for better or worse, I've had other diversions occupying my mind at the moment.

More specifically my beloved Dallas Mavericks have my full attention for the time being. So yeah, I've been busy and have somehow been transformed into no less than Mark_Cubano.

Mark_Cubano can more often than not be heard giving Spur fans some grief on their local tabloid... and no, basketball does not enlighten me as once asked by a F.O.S. wanna-be renaissance man but it certainly does indeed entertain me.

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