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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Entrance to Dinner Key Harbor, March 2011...

Dinner Key Harbor is far different than from what I remember back in 1988. The harbor back then had a ratty feel about it. In addition there also seemed to be a disconcerting number of vessels that didn't appear to be seaworthy tied off to the mangroves just offshore.

Derelicts could also be seen loitering about marina all day as well... but I should probably stop talking bad about myself.

Perhaps my recollections of the place have been somewhat distorted by a few unpleasantries from back then. In any event, I happen to like the new facilities much better now. There is even a motorized shuttle service to take one to and from one's boat if one is so inclined so long as it's between the hours of eight and five.

The marina was reconstructed after hurricane Andrew wiped everything out back in 1991 or so. That hurricane evidently wiped out all the derelicts that had been hanging out in mangroves as well.

Dinner Key Marina now sports a total of something like seventeen well constructed piers all with shore power, water, and security gates. The slips all now seem to be occupied by both motor and sailing vessels from all over the world. The monthly cost of a slip however is most certainly not within my budget.

Man, I hope I have the wherewith all not to ever become but another derelict aboard a boat...

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