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Sunday, July 10, 2011

S/V AMF 21'... Marina Puerto Chico, Fajardo Puerto Rico

My AMF 21' stripped down for an anticipated hurricane... and no it ain't an image of my present boat, S/V Blondie-Dog but this is nevertheless my blog and I do reserve the right to post whatever suits me. :)

A year later this same marina was obliterated with boats all piled on top of one another onshore courtesy of Hurricane Georges...a scene displayed on the front page of the New York Times. I had sold my boat by then having relocated back to Texas just months earlier.

The non-descript open aired building structure on the shoreline is a fish market of sorts where all varieties of fresh fish could be purchased. On more than a few occasions when I wasn't out sailing, I'd stop there for some tasty deep fried fritters, "empanadillas, pastelillos and bacalaitos" and sip on a few Heinekens, (okay..maybe more than just a few...)

I would always marvel at the dexterity with which the fishermen could fillet their catch... cold beer seldom ever tasted any better than this...

Fajardo, Puerto Rico

S/V AMF 21... as in I never got around to giving my boat a name. Well heck, the boat didn't even have a motor of any kind nor did I even have a handheld radio aboard.

Isla Palominos, Puerto Rico

Sailing the Spanish Virgin Islands back in the day...

Aerial view of Fajardo Basin and of Marina Puerto Chico where I once docked my AMF 21 sailboat.

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