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Monday, July 4, 2011

Strolling About Coconut Grove on the Fourth of July...

There ain't much going on out in the Dinner Key mooring field insofar as the ladies are concerned, so I made it a point the other morning to climb off the boat and venture on over to the Grove in search of a new girlfriend.

Well it was a good thing that it was still early in the day, and that the Fourth of July festivities had yet to kick off in earnest, because that chic all dressed up in green while casually waving to all those passing by, wasn't paying a whole lot of attention to any of my advances.

Oh well... What can I say other than it was her loss and not mine. Besides if the truth be told, she wasn't all that attractive when I come to think about it.

And while on topic, we all know that while seated at a bar late at night, the difference between a "fox" and a "pig" is but a mere six drinks...

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