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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Key West at Last...

Well after sailing on through the Key West Channel and later dropping an anchor off of Fleming Key, I got my boat squared away and even more importantly, I got myself squared away as well.

All in all my seven hour sail did take a lot out of me but it nevertheless couldn't have been any less eventful. In fact the only eventful thing to happen while under sail was when but a single dolphin showed up and swam across my bow a couple of times before veering off.

My sail was so uneventful that it wasn't until after I had sailed on past Stock Island that I finally saw another sailboat out on the open water. It's sails were predictably down and it appeared to be motoring on out to Sand Key, a delightful snorkeling destination some five miles off of Key West as far as I can remember.

For all I know, a bar-stool sailor must have undoubtedly been at the helm of that boat as it motored on off in the distance. And it wouldn't have surprised me in the least if its captain had been endlessly carrying on with his bullsh*t tales of Cuba either.

In any event, I was certainly pleased to have completed my sail into Key West and of having anchored without incident. For some reason that channel seemed all too busy from how I remembered it to be back in '88 and '89.

Numerous tour boats could now be seen zipping by in the channel while blaring regaae and party music.

In one instance I happened to climb out from inside the cabin upon hearing someone blowing into a horn of some sort and making a loud shrill sound as a large sailing catamaran cruised on by.

And upon closer inspection I determined that the high-pitched sound wasn't a distress signal of any sort. It was simply two completely nude guys up on deck an adjacent boat, gyrating to the catamaran's blaring party music while calling out to the female revelers... Upon which one the revelers could then be heard calling back out to the guys, "Is that all you got"?

And it should go without saying that I quickly ducked back down inside the cabin after thinking to myself, "This ain't got a damned thing to do with me".

I'd at least like to think that those two guys were calling out to the female revelers aboard that party boat... but this is Key West and I guess that one shouldn't be making such assumptions.

Oh gawd... welcome to Key West.

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