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Sunday, October 9, 2011

2011 Key West Poker Run & Biker Frivolity

The annual Key West Poker Run took place the other weekend and Key West was once again literally invaded and marauded by thousands of bikers chasing a frivolous time.

The invasion started to trickle in around a Thursday afternoon but by the following day the invasion was in full force with pot-bellied geezers revving up their bikes to ear-splitting decibels at every other traffic light.

I had indeed been forewarned by both locals and fellow boaters alike to avoid the biker scene chaos along Duval Street but I simply couldn't help myself. I just had to go ashore to check out that scene for myself. If anything it would be a "new" life experience for me that I could later look back upon whether it be good or bad.

So yeah... I did stroll the length of Duval one evening while wading through throngs of bikers throwing down shots and chugging beer. Somehow I felt most conspicuous since I seemed to be the only one out there that evening not wearing any "look at me, I'm a bad-ass" biker attire.

I wasn't even wearing so much as a black t-shirt. And I'm certain that I must have been the only one strolling Duval at that hour without so much a single moronic tattoo adorning my body.

So no... I hadn't been invited to that party and was eager to bail out of that scene after but a block or two. I don't even recall pausing so much as to indulge in a cold beer at any time before heading on back to the boat.

I did however pause on more than a few occasions to ogle the biker chicks who might happen to be displaying their painted-up boobs to one and all.

Nevertheless if I'd have had to award a top prize it would have gone to the chick with the double-Ds sporting but two small strips of electrical tape criss-crossing each nipple.

Incidentally, my lady-friend from up on Marco Island who also happens to be a critical care nurse has a name for bikers riding crotch-rocket motorcycles...

She refers to them as "future organ donors".

Dude, wear a helmet.

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