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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I Was Just Kidding!! ...

Ya'll remember a few postings back when I claimed to have taken on a new identity and of giving up the clean-shaven look in favor of that of your typical, disgruntled, mad-at-the-world, liveaboard sailor?

And that henceforward I'd make myself known as Willie-Jack, the unenviable character in a charming novel written by Billie Letts?

Well it was all a flat-out lie! I never had any intention of keeping that facial hair. Not only was it a gawd awful look but it also adversely affected my public demeanor as well.

That damned scraggly beard made me feel as if I were perpetually scowling at all those passing by. Well heck, I even found myself scowling at my own self whenever I might happen to look into a mirror.

So yeah, that facial crap came off after but a day or two of me sailing into Key West. For you see, I had already been working on a two day growth when I set sail from Miami and since it was just me out sailing by myself throughout the intercoastal, I simply elected not to bother shaving.

It was only later that I resolved not to shave until I had sailed on down to Key West. And with Hurricane Irene setting me back more than just a few days, I inadvertently took on an unkempt, menacing appearance.

Truth is I wouldn't want to sport a scraggly beard anymore than I would want to have a moronic tattoo inked somewhere on my body.

As far as I am concerned, not that anybody gives a rat's ass, tattoos are but an unsightly expression of personal insecurity. It also occurs to me that the more obese a person happens to be, whether they be male or female, then the more tattoos they are sure to be sporting.

And if you don't believe me, go check out your typical tourist strolling along Duval Street some afternoon and see for yourself.

So dude... stop persisting in showing off your moronic, zodiac tattoo because nobody gives a flip. Not only is your tattoo meaningless but any claims to the effect that it somehow empowers and enlightens you is all bullsh*t and is sure to make everyone's eyes glaze over.

Incidentally my lady-friend from up on Marco Island is fond of quoting the lyrics to a Jimmy Buffet song... "A tattoo is but a permanent reminder of a temporary feeling"...

So yeah, I shaved off that scraggly beard but a day or two after dropping anchor in Key West. Ain't no way I was going to go strolling about town looking like a disgruntled boater.

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