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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Majestic Cruise Ships in Key West and the Costa Concordia...

I'd be stating the obvious if I were to tell ya'll that running aground is an inherent peril of boating... unless of course you were to be sailing a catamaran with little draft or gawd forbid, operating a power-boat.

For ya see, boats of any relevance all have a mast and they all have a keel... at least as far as I am concerned.

Unfortunately it is the keel that is to sure get a real sailor in trouble 'cause invariably that keel is sure to get stuck in the wrong place and at the wrong time thereby causing a lot of anguish.

And it is an anguish that is somewhat akin to getting one's "business" snagged in one's pants zipper. So no, avoid snagging your keel and even more importantly avoid snagging your "business".

In any event I find it incomprehensible that given modern sophisticated navigation technology, that a cruise ship of all things, can stray off course and run aground.

One would only think that the maritime industry would have the equivalent of air-traffic controllers monitoring every ship as it made its approach into treacherous waters.

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