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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Early Sunday morning seated at a dockside picnic table...

It's early and I've already had my first cup of coffee. It was my good fortune the other day that upon opening a latch door that is not readily accessible and upon reaching down and about, I discovered an assortment of galley items left behind by the previous owners of the vessel.

Among the items I discovered was a small metal coffee percolator somewhat encrusted with what looked like calcium and who knows what else. Upon declaring that this gadget was a part of the purchase of the boat, I then gave it a thorough wire brush cleaning and welcomed it to the boat... and with Starbucks not opening until later in the morning, and with me in dire need of some coffee among other things, I brewed myself some coffee. Not neccessarily the best mind you but quite acceptable...when you need some, you need some.

Also found within the deep recesses of that hard to access moist, storage bin was some tupperware, aluminum foil, a huge metal whisk, and wax paper of all things. The tupperware was a definite keeper...and I'm not talking about that cheap Sterilite crap with the ill-fitting lids either.

This tupperware is of thick ply with clamp-down on lids. The aluminum foil was a keeper but the wax paper was disposed of with little after-thought. I can't ever remember using the stuff so out it went. The giant metal whisk along with a number of other kitchen gadgets will most unlikely be aboard either once I set sail.

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