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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cooking in the Galley for a Change...

It occurs to me that I seldom cook onboard the boat and I often find myself doing the expedient thing and heating up a can Hormel Chile or some such. It's either that or a can of ravioli or perhaps even a tin of tuna or the dreaded potted meat.

The best thing that can be said about the potted meat is that it is somewhat edible and comes in a tin and doesn't require any refrigeration. Other than that I'm thinking that the tinned potted meats should be consigned to my survival gear bag that I've yet to put together.

It's either that or I could perhaps use the stuff as bait in a lobster trap. Lobsters are the bottom scavengers of the ocean and love eating foul stuff and are but one or two DNA chromosomes away from making them identical to a landlubber cockroach.

Yes... the cockroach... that repulsive creepy-crawler lurking from underneath your dishwasher in the kitchen with its feelers twisting about in the air in the same manner that a lobster's feelers twist about from underneath a coral ledge.

In any event, I got this urge to cook something and happened to be craving some real food for a change so off I went to Daffy Doug's Convenience Store to make a few purchases. Daffy Doug's just recently started stocking fresh produce, canned and dry goods as well as frozen poultry and meats.

By all accounts, Daffy Doug's has been an instant success among the boaters at the marina because of its close proximity and even more importantly because of its reasonable food prices. The produce sold in the store is all locally grown in nearby Homestead.

Publix and Winn Dixie on the other hand are in obvious collusion to keep their food prices sky high. I feel totally screwed every time I go into either one of these two stores. A dinky green bell pepper should not have to cost $1.50.

Nevertheless, I loaded up my Daffy Doug's hand basket with a frozen package of chicken thighs, a bell pepper, an onion, and two potatoes but not before checking underneath the double-door freezer for any repulsive, creepy-crawlers with their feelers twisting about in the air.

I later cooked up a pot of "Fricase de Pollo", or "Chicken Fricassee" for those of you who spent all of your time goofing off in your high school Spanish class. I also cooked up a small pot of steamed white rice to go along with it.

Check out the Goya website for some relatively easy to prepare Latin American food recipes if you are so inclined and wish to eat something other than the usual burger and fries.

I'd give you the basic recipe here but I've tired of typing this stuff up at this early hour in the morning and need to check in on Hurricane Paula and see whether or not she's coming this way later on today.

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