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Monday, October 11, 2010

"Live close by, but visit often"... another "Booty-Call, Protocol" tenant...

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I got another invitation from my friend up on Marco Island to come visit for a few days and dip my toes in her swimming pool once again. Well it certainly didn't take much arm twisting to get me to accept her gracious invitation and I was soon enough driving on up there for a most welcomed respite in a real house.

It was a joy to cook in a real kitchen and on a real stove for a change and not on some dinky propane gas burner in a galley. It was also nice to sprawl out on the sofa and watch television at my leisure and not have to share a tv in a marina lounge with some old, grizzled boater exposing a huge gut and hairy back.

(memo to self: anonymously suggest to the marina staff that a dress code be implemented while one is inside the lounge area... I'm tired of seeing old fat geezers displaying hairy armpits in a public setting.)

My visit was interspersed with a few excursions throughout Marco Island as well... these included a scenic stroll along Marco Island Beach, a site-seeing drive throughout the affluent "Estates" neighborhood, a drive out to the nearby quaint community of Goodland known as "a drinking town with a fishing problem", a visit to the new city park boating facilities on Marco Island and lastly an excursion on out to a State Park facility with an extended boardwalk above a swamp, purportedly loaded with alligators... not that I saw any.

While touring the "Estates" neighborhood, I was informed by my friend that Larry Bird happened to own a house somewhere in the neighborhood as well. I had my eyes peeled looking out for him and was hoping that we could perhaps shoot a few hoops together in his driveway. Unfortunately he was nowhere to be seen and was evidently out of town.

Buster Douglas, the fellow who knocked the crap and mouthpiece out of Iron Mike Tyson also has a house on the Island as well. Somehow I missed my invitation to hangout at his house one evening for some pizza and beer. Oh well, maybe next time.

Well all good things must eventually come to an end I was all too soon back on the road first thing Monday morning driving on down to the Keys after a good three days of house-guest loitering .

While driving, I kept thinking of my friend's succulent and delicious mangos. They were to die for. I could eat on them all day. Someday I'm gonna have to plant myself a mango tree in my back yard once I ever get off my boat.

Later that evening I called my friend to let her know that I had safely arrived in Boot Key Harbor and was back aboard my boat. I also thanked her for the wonderful time spent over the previous three days and of how she was spoiling me... to which brings me to what could arguably be described as a fundamental tenant of "Booty-Call, Protocol".

Upon thanking my friend and informing her that she was spoiling me, she gently reminded me, "Live close by, but visit often".

So there you have it... the second "Booty-Call, Protocol" tenant...

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