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Monday, January 3, 2011

Celebrating the New Year and Briefly Suspending My Self Imposed Drinking Moratorium...


Hey... what can I say. I never did say that I had indefinitely quit imbibing alcoholic beverages... only that I had imposed an indefinite drinking moratorium upon myself.

So yeah... that was me the other night suspending my moratorium for one evening and celebrating the New Year while sipping on some Champagne. That was followed later on by a good amount of Merlot and even a bit of Chardonnay once that had run out.

After the Chardonnay, I followed that up with some... oh heck, I can't remember what came after that not that it really matters.

In any event the moratorium has been put back into effect so if anybody is out there objecting to me briefly suspending my self-imposed drinking moratorium, I'll simply quote a good little buddy of mine.... "EAT MY SHORTS, MAN!"

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