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Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Sunset Moment While at Anchor... Sunset Cove, Key Largo. N25 06.061, W080 26.657

It occurs to me that I might have perhaps lost a little bit of perspective on what the cruising lifestyle should be all about after tie-ing off onto on a mooring ball at Boot Key Harbor for months on end.

The amenities provided by the Marathon City Marina are most certainly quite acceptable. What's not to like about a safe harbor, restroom and shower facilities, a parking lot for vehicles, a project room, dinghy docks, a lounge with multiple tables, free Wi-Fi, and flat screen TVs?

So yeah... it certainly was just too damned easy to settle into a comfort zone and not want to sail off anywhere. All of which has me thinking that there are two types of cruisers... those who think of their boat as a house and those who think of their boat as a recreational vehicle.

Having made that observation, I'll need periodic reality checks to ensure that S/V Blondie-Dog doesn't stagnate in one place for any length of time. Any barnacles growing on the bottom of her hull from here on out better be from different harbors.

At the moment, S/V Blondie-Dog finds herself at anchor in Sunset Cove off of Key Largo in Buttonwood Sound. The view all about is as pristine and as idyllic as it gets. The past three or for days in the harbor have been a delight and it certainly is a nice change of pace from all the "noise" at Boot Key Harbor City Marina.

The serenity of the Cove is nevertheless in sharp contrast to the nearby heavy traffic on US1. This busy state highway is but just a short trek up one of the side streets.

Not far from the intersection of US1 and Ocean Drive can be found an assortment of fast food establishments, dockside bars, local diners, and dive shops. But best of all is the Starbucks that is just around the corner.

In any event it's time to start thinking about pulling up anchor and continuing on with my sail on up to Dinner Key Harbor in Coconut Grove but then again I just might have to remind myself of the message on a Keys billboard along US1... "What's Your Hurry?... You're Already Here!"

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