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Friday, March 4, 2011

Wandering about Key Largo while Palling Around with Humphrey Bogart...

Key Largo certainly is a nice change of pace from Marathon and this Key definitely caters to a more affluent kind of crowd... as in European tourists and sports fishermen for starters.

It is also not uncommon to hear tourists speaking French throughout the various establishments. Scattered about this Key are quite a number of both quaint and upscale dockside bars all overlooking the various canals and sounds... it goes without saying that one really can't go wrong patronizing any one of these places.

In addition there are a multitude of dive shops and charter boats all busily ferrying tourist to and from the various alluring water sport activities.

I like Key Largo... it is a pretty cool place as far as tourist destinations go.

In any event I happened to be sipping on a few cold ones at the Caribbean Club a few days ago up on Blackwood Sound when to my surprise, none other than Humphrey Bogart shows up and takes a seat across the bar.

Soon thereafter we were both idly chatting about a whole lot of nothing and what not. He even later graciously picked up my bar tab. So yeah, me and Humphrey Bogart have since been hooking up and palling around the town in the evenings.

The guy is quite a charming character and can certainly appeal to the ladies. I've even had to fend off a number of exceedingly attractive French tourists with their salacious whisperings just for hanging around with the guy...

You may perhaps recall that it was at this dockside bar many moons ago that the movie Key Largo was filmed.

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